Ⅰ Introducing and dispatching overseas human resources

We provide Japanese language and skill training for human resources from Bangladesh and other Asian countries, and introduce and dispatch them to Japanese companies.

Business characteristics
We will set up a civil engineering training center on site, and provide Japanese language education as well as various practical training to prepare you for immediate work.

・Architectural sheet metal training
・Architectural carpentry training
・ Formwork construction training
・Reinforcement construction training
・ Jump
・Stone construction training
・Tiling work training
・Painting training, etc.

The background to this is the experience gained at Bangladesh International Recruitment Agency (BAIRA) and the development of a large-scale training center, which has repeatedly attracted excellent human resources from 20 major client countries, making it one of the largest human resource development and development sites in Bangladesh. It’s an organization.

Civil engineering training center

Rebar processing training

Mesh muscle processing training

civil engineering training

At the training center classroom learning

Ⅱ Support for overseas companies and investors to expand into Japan

Japan, with its mature national character and advanced social infrastructure, is an ideal country for investment, partly due to the weak yen.
We provide advice and intermediary support to corporations and individuals who are considering investing in Japan from countries in Asia, including South Korea and China, as well as Japanese corporations who wish to receive investment from overseas.
We also manage, improve and manage the Japanese corporations in which we have invested, supporting the sound management of the companies on behalf of our investors.

About us

Company NameROJ Co., Ltd.
addressHead office location: 2-55-6 Shiraitodai, Fuchu City, Tokyo
Ikebukuro Office: 3-1-4 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1127
CEOJames Woo
capital9 million yen
List of business partnersBusiness Support Center Co., Ltd.
Hosanna Japanese School
Cooperation companiesSharemind Co., Ltd.
Bring Co., Ltd.
Astage Co., Ltd.
RecI Co., Ltd.
Daniel Co., Ltd.
12 Van Cooperative Co., Ltd.
Overseas partner companiesBangladesh
 ERMS (Eastern Resource Management Services Ltd.) 
Representative Abul Monsur Ahmed
Bangladesh Human Resources Sending Agency
ROJB (ROJ Bangladesh)
Representative Mahbubur Rahman
Bangladesh ROJ local subsidiary
South Korea
ROJK (ROJ Korea)
Representative OK JIHYOUN
Human resources related
JJIK (JJI Korea)
Representative YU SEONGJU
Trade related
GAHYEON Accounting Corporation
Representative BYEON INSUP
M&A related fund management company


James woo

May 5, 1963
YONSEI University Department of Political Science and Diplomacy
Graduated from HANYANG Graduate School, Department of Political Science

Job career

March 1995Manager of SAMSUNG Electronic AV Division
SAMSUNG Electronics and Communication Research Institute Planning Office Leader
IMT2000 Mobile Phone Standardization Planning Office
Engaged in standardization of 3G and 4G wireless terminal equipment.
September 2000Appointed CEO of ENDLESSRAIN Co., Ltd.
February 2001Established ENDLESSRAIN JAPAN Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of CEO.
July 2006Participated as a founder of MISSHA JAPAN. Appointed head of sales division of
September 2008Established LOAM Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of representative director.
Introduced Korean cosmetics TONYMORI to Japan.
Expand nationwide.
October 2013Established Donku Bio and Perm Japan Co., Ltd. Appointed representative director.
Engaged in health food planning, development, and sales.
January 2014Established WONKWANGBIO JAPAN Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of
representative director.Planning, development, and sales of health food raw materials
(current position)
August 2019Established Rare’s Overseas Japan Co., Ltd.
Appointed representative director. Retirement in August 2023
November 2023Appointed representative director of ROJ Co., Ltd.